1 | The WWW Virtual Library


From the University of New South Wales in Australia. A portal to a vast amount of resources on public health in Africa. A good site for specific resources on communicable diseases, human resources for health, health services management, emergency health management, business, economics, and international affairs. The site also covers law, religion, engineering, social sciences, business, politics, economics, development studies, and sustainable development.


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2 | Eserver


Hosted by Iowa State University and contains over 35,000 resources in the humanities.


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3 | Stanford University - Centre for International Development


Stanford University's Centre for International Development is a good resource for development and health working papers from 1997 – 2011.


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4 | The Wikiversity


The Wikiversity also provides access to online courses; however, be discerning about what you read in some articles.


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5 | SpringerOpen


SpringerOpen scientific publishers offer a selection of good resources in health economics.


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